For the first time, you have fallen in love with a Chinese girl. Your eyes follow her. Your mind is full of her. How would you tell her about your love? This is applicable to the girls who are frank, simple, straightforward. Read her some romantic sentences and make sure the day is the most impressive day in both your lives. I just hear my heart saying: it has fallen love with you, deeply in love with you. God knows I love every moment I have spent with you.

35 Basic Chinese Words and Phrases For Mandarin Beginners

In this fun live hangout, Yangyang and Yoyo Chinese Product Manager Jason will teach you the expressions Chinese people actually use to talk about love, for each step in a relationship. This hangout will also give you great insights into love and romance in Chinese culture. I went back to my old high school in Beijing with my old friend, and it brought back a lot of memories, including one about a secret crush. Check it out:. In English we say that someone “falls” in love.

Let’s learn some love expressions in Chinese for you to win your goddess’ heart! Speak Straight From Your Heart. 直接法(speak straight from your.

Do you often find yourself working overtime and having less personal time? When was the last time you went out and met someone new? In a society that puts an emphasis on hard work and endless working hours, it can be hard to go out and find that special someone. Finding someone online via dating apps has become a convenient way out for those seeking love and companionship, or even just to find someone to date casually so their families and relatives will stop nagging them.

A bigger pool means there are more fishes to catch. Of all the Chinese Dating Apps, the most popular one is Tantan. It even looks like Tinder. Users can manually fill in their profile description and interests as there is no automated collection of user data the way Facebook works. Once signed up, you can start using the app.

You can start a conversation with that person if both of you select each other.

Dating Phrases in Chinese

Once you have mastered the numbers 0 to 9 you are well on the way to telling the date and time in Chinese. Numbers are now used for the names of the days of the week and also the months with a couple of exceptions. Before a different system of characters was used and in the distant past China had a ten day week. Days of the month used to be given different names but are now expressed as numbers.

The order for dates in Chinese is to give the year followed by month and then day.

How to flirt in Chinese – Learn Chinese interesting words to improve your Chinese reading skills. The ways to phrase the question could be: Plan A: simple and honest In this way, it is very likely you get a second date. If you two had a nice.

One of the first things you learn in Chinese is to say hello. But do you also know how to say goodbye in Mandarin? Knowing how to say goodbye is just as important as knowing how to say hello , yes , no and thank you in Chinese. In fact, knowing how to take leave from someone is part of the basic Chinese you need to master. You can use this expression with everybody and in all sorts of situations.

So if someone writes 88 to you, you know now what they mean! This indicates to the other person you desire to catch up with them later, and shows you want to stay in touch. The expression is made up of the words:. It shows you have good manners in Chinese. Way 7 to say goodbye in Mandarin is a standard and very polite way to say goodbye.

This expression is rather serious and mainly used in special situations. You normally use this expression in face-to-face conversations, especially when talking to someone with a higher social position or that is older in age than you, to show your respect.

How to Use Time Phrases in Mandarin Chinese

Most spoken Chinese slang comes from different dialects. Whether in Beijing , Shanghai or Taiwan — all dialects are very different. One common thing Chinese slang has in common throughout the great middle kingdom is the use of Chinese slang on the internet. The amount of numbers that float around with apparently no meaning in comments is clear from the beginning.

Also, you will see a large amount of random capital letters amongst the Chinese Characters that also appear to have no meaning. Actually, all of these colloquial expressions of numbers and letters all have a very specific meaning and all have a somewhat logical origin.

Dating is a wonderful thing, if you’re planning to invite Chinese girl/men to a date, then the Chinese phrases for dating below could make you more attractive in.

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However, watching these shows can give you a glimpse into contemporary Chinese life and culture. Watching current Chinese shows like this will improve your listening skills too. You might even pick up a few colloquial words and phrases along the way. Furthermore, shows like this are great for understanding Chinese humour. Each episode introduces a lucky bachelor who must try and impress a group of potential partners. They hilariously take it in turns to reveal who would the most suitable.

The rounds go on until the bachelor is left to pick on a person to take on a date. This a humours show for understanding Chinese dating culture. The show is a blind-date format where candidates must audition to the parents of their potential partners. Through videos, debate and humour the parents must decide who is the best for their child.

Internet Slang Glossary

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Learn how to flirt and express your affections with some romantic Mandarin Chinese words and phrases as well as dating words and after.

The first step to learning how to speak Mandarin is grasping the basic Chinese words and phrases. Especially if you plan to visit Asia soon or looking to build a relationship with a Chinese-speaker. Even if you know zero Chinese right now, this will be a great starting point to kick start your Mandarin journey. You may already know this greeting. This particular greeting is used when answering a phone call.

Speaking of…. The culture in Asia takes great pride in showing politeness and courtesy wherever they go. Prepare to use this word often, particularly as a foreigner in a Chinese-speaking country. This phrase is used if you plan to see the person in the near future. Hearing a foreigner attempt to apologize in your spoken tongue will add that extra layer of respect.

Lesson 024. Dating and Relationships.

To hit it off right from the start; to feel like old friends upon first meeting. We hit it off the moment we met and got married three months later. For example, a man is trying to do whatever he can to please a woman but the woman just does not like him.

Learn how Chinese people actually express their feelings in Mandarin. will teach you the expressions Chinese people actually use to talk about love, Learn these “5 Useful Words that Describe the Dating Scene in China”.

Hello my name is Maria. Please contact me using the details below. Rather than just giving you the translation, we are going one step further and to create a guide with some excellent alternatives, giving you the perfect back catalogue to not just express your love in Chinese , but much more! Simple and no frills, the direct translation exactly matches the English, something which is not always common when translating from Chinese to English and vice versa.

It is worth noting that although the word love is banded around in English a lot, in China this might not be the case. In English we have a habit of telling our parents we love them, our friends we love them, our dog we love them, even our pizza we love it! Not in Chinese — love is a strong word to use so only say it if you really mean it. Plenty of uses for the word. Remember, as love is not so widely used in Chinese, it might be best to start out with using like instead of love. Check out our guide to dating in China.

Situations like browsing the markets looking for a bargain are a prime example. Of course sometimes you need to go beyond the Love and Like and vary it up a bit, so why not learn these to add a bit of variation to your armour.

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A collection of useful phrases in Cantonese, a variety of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong, Macau, southern China, and a number of other places, in traditional characters and Yale Romanization. See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me. Download the audio files Zip format, 2MB.

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me. Omniglot Chinese learn to read, write and pronounce Chinese characters.

Mandarin Chinese has time-related phrases that clarify when the action in a sentence is happening, like “yesterday” or “tomorrow.”.

The same thing applies to language as clothes, as demonstrated in this phrase. Some things never go out of fashion. One such example is , which in just three digits was able to embody the tired and depressing reality of many a Chinese worker. I graduated from only provided by the highest-accredited universities in China , now work Taylor Swift? Charlie Puth?

37 Ways to say I Love You In Chinese – The Ultimate Guide

By Mengjun Liu, Mike Packevicz. Everyone should learn essential Chinese conversational words and phrases before traveling to a Chinese -speaking location. These words and expressions are sure to come up in most everyday conversations.

Usually Chinese people won’t ask a girl/guy to go out for a date very directly. yuē mǒu mǒu de shí hou , bú huì zhí jiē shuō “ wǒ xiǎnɡ hé nǐ yuē huì ” 约 某 某 的.

Learn Chinese is an easy to use mobile Chinese phrasebook that will give visitors to Chinese-speaking countries and those who are interested in learning Mandarin a good start in the language. Learn Chinese is recorded using native speakers and we have tried our best to be authentic in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand. Recommended app for tourists and business people visiting china.

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Common Conversational Words and Phrases in Chinese

Chinese Phrases – Dating. How to say Dating not Chinese Pinyin:. How to say Do you have a boyfriend?

56 phrases in Chinese Mandarin What you might say if you are dating (or just talking about it). Chinese Mandarin. Mandarin_michelle_lu Michelle L.

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? A concise Mandarin Chinese phrase book and guide to Chinese language, Essential Chinese contains basic vocabulary necessary for communicating in Mandarin Chinese. Have you ever considered learning Mandarin Chinese putonghua , but been put off by the unusual look of the characters? Don’t let yourself be scared away! Mandarin Chinese actually has simpler grammar than English and there are no conjugations—meaning anyone can learn a few important phrases in no time.

China has 1. Perfect for business people or tourist traveling to China or for students who want to supplement their learning and get an A in Mandarin class! A clever “point to” feature allows you to simply point to a phrase translated in Chinese without the need to say a single word or read a single character. You will soon find yourself turning to Essential Chinese again and again when visiting and working or interacting with Chinese speakers In this book you will find: Over practical sentences for everyday use.

Love and Dating in Mandarin Chinese