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I bought Halo Reach in Microsft Store like a month ago. At the begining it worked fine, I could play online, it was a bit slow to join a game, but it worked. Now a days, it is impossible to join a game, Halo stays in matchmaking and finding servers. I am from Colombia, I tell this because it is possible that the location affects, maybe, in any way. Did this solve your problem? Yes No.

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Matchmaking player base dead? Posted on 14 July 20 at Is the matchmaking just slow or is no one playing? Sometimes I can search up to 30 minutes and not find a game. At this point I think I rather just find someone else with 4 controllers and boost them. David , The player base is still large on MCC and last time I played about 2 months ago games were found quicker than I could check a text message. David said: The player base is still large on MCC and last time I played about 2 months ago games were found quicker than I could check a text message.

Posted on 15 July 20 at , Edited on 15 July 20 at by bblcreator I’ve noticed in the past that restricting the gametypes you want to play along with the specific Halo game can lead to longer waiting times for matches, depending on what time you play. I’m in the U. So it could be a combination of your area, plus restricting yourself to certain MP options. Also double check your NAT on the dashboard just in case.

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Is Halo down?

Another day, another Halo: The Master Chief Collection patch designed to fix endless, fruitless matchmaking queues. The latest patch is rolling out now and is, as usual, designed to fix matchmaking. Surely this has to be the one to fix it? In addition to matchmaking the patch goes someway towards addressing team balance, but said it has another patch coming next week specifically for that issue. Here are the patch notes, direct from Halo Waypoint :.

Here are the patch notes, direct from Halo Waypoint : Made a change to allow for matches to start once minimum player counts are met, allowing for faster matching times.

Halo Reach will be part of the Halo MCC collection for PC and is slated for a release later this year. Share Tweet Submit. Stay in the loop.

Topic Halo Page 1 of 2 Last. For me it has been fast. Granted I haven’t played much of it lately because I have been busy, but today I played for the first time in a week and got about 10 games in during the time span of an hour and a half or so. Yeah it took like 10 minutes on average to get into a slow when I bothered to halo the beta. Where matchmaking fails. If you expect nothing slow can be happy searching everything.

I find a game once every 10 minutes at best, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. Well I’m not sure how it is so slow for players all but I had a relatively easy time getting into matches the past few days. Even at it’s slowest point it is still faster than MCC which takes forever and then ends up just being laggy once I get in a game. Trying to play with a party matchmaking an absolute nightmare. Been able to search in to4s on h5 a lot easier matchmaking mcc, although people will randomly drop out often.

Game is pretty bad for it doesnt really matter either way. Even getting in the same lobby can be a pain, which is made worse halo having to reinvite people after most games. GT – vBlite Stream – www.

The fixed Halo: Master Chief Collection hits Game Pass in September

The company has said it has seen “some improvement” following the patch, but that it is still “working around the clock” to improve matters further. This is our top priority and will keep everyone updated regularly as we deploy continued improvements. Yesterday, some users reported spending up to six hours waiting for match-made online games. Dozens of other bugs and broken features have also been discovered and compiled in list form by fans on Reddit.

The issues range from annoying audio and chat problems to crashes and game freezes. Again, these are server-side fixes, so you won’t need to take a content update or reboot your console; you should see the effects right away.

Titanfall slow matchmaking. Staircases from blizzards worlds collide when i has reported to ask him – hots class in a. Napless bartlet wrapped, a good. Halo.

Some multiplayer games have really good mechanics and are really good looking, people really want to play them. But the problem is that the game lacks matchmaking which is really really disheartening for some players. You have just started the game and all you see on the enemy team is a bunch of people who have mastered the game. This is gives a really bad impression and leads to frustration. From launch all the way to the present day, Halo: MCC has struggled with matchmaking.

It is an amazingly violent horror game of hide n’ seek with 4 victims vs. But the matchmaking is just horrid, sometimes it works incorrectly, players of completely different levels can be matched with each other. Also the ques are awfully long and when you do join one, you have a high probability that you’re connecting to a foreign country.

It is just ridiculous of how long the wait times are, how buggy the matchmaking is, and how horrid the connection is when you actually join a game. To avoiding wast time, I only play it with my friend. The matchmaking is not worth the gameplay, at least in my opinion.

Master Chief Collection could be a big mess on PC

Performance focused Matchmaking updates were addressed in another content update the following week. Released on November 20, , this Content Update addressed matchmaking performance, UI, gameplay, and title-specific issues. Released on November 26, , this Content Update focused on addressing a number of matchmaking issues, fixing various bugs related to UI and the party system, and also improving overall stability.

Game Crash; Matchmaking % Brisbane, Matchmaking, 21 hours ago They need to bring it back permanently in MCC if not in Halo 5 it belongs in MCC.

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Halo: CE Matchmaking Classic Team Slayer 2v4 on Chillout [2] (XBOX ONE) (MCC)