One of the best ways to create old-time kitchen ambience is to introduce antique appliances—in particular, a cookstove and a refrigerator. Loyal cooks swear by a refurbished cooking range’s ability to kick out BTUs to rival today’s commercial stoves, while many old-appliance enthusiasts claim their s refrigerators have never had to be serviced. Here are some tips from old-appliance pros on purchasing these antique conveniences. These appliances will most likely have all the bells and whistles you’re looking for today solid construction, good oven regulation, and built-in safety features and little extras such as clocks, lights, additional ovens, or food warmers. First check to see if the cooking stove or refrigerator has all its parts, Arnold says. There were literally thousands of stove brand names by the early s.

How to calculate the manufacturing date from the serial number?

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GE refrigerator date codes can be found within the appliance’s serial numbers. The first number identifies the month and the second identifies.

If you’ve moved into a new place with existing appliances, chances are you’ll want to check and see how old the appliances are. Good appliances can last for years, and it’s possible to figure out how old many of the known brand name appliances are — to a point. How do you know how old your GE refrigerator is? Fortunately, there is an easy way to tell.

Most major appliance makers use a model or serial number coding system to mark the appliance with the year it was made. These codes usually use the numbers and letters to designate the month and year of production as a part of the serial number. Since there are only so many available letters in the alphabet, most companies use a rotating system.

For example, GE rotates its letters about every 12 years.

G.E. Monitor Top Refrigerator

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Usually you can find your refrigerator’s i.d. inside the freezer door. courtesy, author. The Appliance Whisperer, whose name is Dave Marsh.

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How to Find a Manufacturing Date for Appliances

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Ignore the FD and the first number after the FD. Move to the fourth character this will be the year Then move to the fifth and six character this will be the month. So the manufacture date on this example is February With the month 02 second month of the year.

The refrigerator marked DE 2-S16 also has a sticker that it was rebuilt by GE at their factory in Bridgeport, CT. Perhaps that is why is the number is.

Here is a little help. Below you can discover the energy rating of many refrigerators and freezers produced for the American consumer market. To search this database, choose “Refrigerator” or “Freezer” and a brand name from the pull-down list. Then type in a model number, and click on the “Search” button below. The list will give the matching model numbers, its size, the year of manufacture, and the energy rating. Of course not all models can be included.

Telechron Motor Nameplates with Serial Numbers

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GE is a trademark of the General Electric Company. Manufactured under trademark license.

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Buyer’s Guide to Vintage Appliances

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How to Tell How Old a GE Refrigerator Is

You can determine the approximate years that appliances were manufactured by their colors and styles. For examples, Harvest Gold and Avocado-colored refrigerators and stoves are products of the late s and s. If you’re going to buy or sell an appliance, or dispose of one, you’ll need to find a manufacturing date for it.

For appliance disposal, you’ll need to know the manufacturing date for refrigerators and freezers in particular because of the refrigerants they contain.

Opening the door to your GE refrigerator model GSS20IEMWW and How to Replace the Damper Control Assembly in Your GE Refrigerator Now I can go onto Tinder and have a date lined up in a new city before I even get.

I have not seen a thread for this so though starting one would be a good idea and may even help learn the age of some units. The control is stamped June 29, Originally posted 88 months ago. Just posted pic of my office refrigerator. It is a restored CKC16 with an all porcelain cabinet. Serial number is 87 months ago permalink. Here is a “5” unit and it is clearly a CK. Also notice they said they just defrosted it and the floor is soaked in front of it?

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Here is a little help. Below you can discover the energy rating of many refrigerators and freezers produced for the American consumer market. To.

In , General Electric introduced this “Monitor Top” refrigerator, so-named by the public because of the resemblance of the exposed compressor on top of its cabinet to the cylindrical turret of the Civil War gunship, the Monitor. It had a single door, and was the first all-steel refrigerator cabinet, earlier versions having been of wood to imitate furniture cabinetry. It quickly became one of GE’s most successful products and made GE the industry leader, in spite of the fact that it was perched on the top of rather traditional looking “furniture” legs.

Household refrigerators had been on the market for some time. The first successful domestic refrigerator to enter full scale production in the US was the Kelvinator, in Made of wood, it looked pretty much like a small bedroom night stand, with a single door. Frigidaire, purchased by General Motors in , introduced its first home refrigerator in , when there were only about refrigerators in the US.

Also in wood, it was larger, about the size of a bedroom armoire, or wardrobe, with three doors. By , there were 56 companies making refrigerators, using sulfur dioxide, methyl chloride, or ammonia gases, all of which were dangerously toxic. Two years after the “Monitor-Top”, in , the Kelvinator Four refrigerator debuted with no visible “legs”.

Find your Refrigerator Model and Serial Number (Top Freezers)